Monday, December 15, 2014

Jacob Smith is Incredibly Average by Erin Hayes

Do you read from your phone? Well the King sure does. He borrowed my phone and finished reading "Jacob Smith is Incredibly Average" by Erin Hayes. I asked him to write (yes the King can write) a review of the book after he finish and this is what he wrote: 

I saw this book shared from an author I follow on Facebook. The cover looked like an old computer game I played when I was you
nger. Therefore, I was intrigued to read the synopsis. Finding out its about an alien race wanting to take over earth had me wanting to read it. I was presently surprised on how much I liked this book. Even though it's aim at the middle school crowd as an adult I thought it was very entertaining. The writing is well written and I could picture this book becoming a movie. Overall, a very fun read.

 I would recommend this book for fans of the Percy Jackson, and the Pendragon series. .

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