Friday, September 5, 2014

Hello World!

My name is Sofia and I attend Lonestar-Cyfair College. One of my assignments is to make a blog and pick a subject that I like. Well world. I sure love to read and I think cats are adorable, BAM! The combination of both and here goes my blog. I have a 7 year old cat name King Henry and he rules our home with an iron fist. He enjoy napping and eating but I believe when we ( the other human is Manny, my significant other) are away he loves to read. I feel some of my books have been moved and read without my permission and the King is the only suspect. Plus King Henry likes to spend a lot of time online and has a lot of internet cat friends who like to read. He's pretty popular with the ladies and in the book world. So with the help of his friends he will bring you adorable pictures of cats reading and book recommendations. Hope you all enjoy. Don't forget to leave feedback and
maybe some catnip